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Arable Weeds and Management in Europe (AWME): A database of weed survey data from across Europe

The AWME database contains weed vegetation survey data from across Europe. We are now accepting requests for data from AWME as well as the submission of additional datasets into the database.

HRAC MoA Classification Update Webinar Training 6th May 2022

Report on the HRAC MoA Classification Update Webinar Training, held on 6th May 2022.

Successful course on 'Advances in Weed Management for Sustainable Agriculture' in Zaragoza

From March 28 - April 2, 2022, the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM) in Zaragoza organized a course on sustainable weed management.

Report on the EWRS Invasive Plants Workshop in Palic, Serbia

Future needs for Invasive Plant management have been discussed during the Workshop.

11th Weed Science Congress and Symposium on Herbicides and Growth Regulators

Palic, Serbia, 20th to 22nd of September 2021

IWM in Spanish olive orchards

This blog presents an overview of integrated weed management issues in Spanish olive orchards based on experiences from the European project IWMPRAISE.

Report on the Webinar 'Parasitic Weeds: know the enemy to combat it'

The international Webinar 'Parasitic Weeds: know the enemy to combat it' was held on 29 June 2021 and reached 130 participants.

A new dicotyledonous weed species was detected in Hungary: Persicaria bungeana (Turz.) Nakai ex T. Mori

This short article describes the newly detected weed species in Hungary.

New monocotyledonous weed species detected in Hungary (Pennisetum alopecuroides Regel)

Pennisetum alopecuroides is a perennial, C4, grass native to arid regions. P. alopecuroides is used as an ornamental grass but has now been found to spread naturally in Hungary.

New monocotyledonous weed species has been detected in Hungary (Tragus berteronianus Schult.)

Tragus berteronianus Schult. is a monocotyledonous plant belonging to the Tragus genus. The spine-like projections on the upper glumes make the genus easily distinguishable.

New monocotyledonous bulbous weed species detected in Hungary - Allium giganteum (Regel)

This Blog describes the newly detected weed in Hungary.

A devastating weed in arable farming: yellow nutsedge

This small article gives an impression of how to control successfully yellow nutsedge in arable farming.

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