19th EWRS Symposium in Athens, 2022 - videos of single sessions available

Posted on January 22nd, 2024 on 22:19:09 by S. Gennai-Schott

Watch the sessions that were held in the main auditorium

We make available some of the sessions that have been recorded in the main auditorium and have been authorized by the presenters. Thank you for sharing!


Invited speaker Prof. Antonis Zampelas, chair of the Hellenic Food Authority: “Food safety including pesticide residues in the broader perspective of public health”

1st Session 1st day: June 20th, 2022  

Non-chemical Weed Control 1

Chair: Marleen Riemens and Judith Wirth

Bo Melander: “Advances in mechanical weed control technologies.” KEYNOTE”

Matthias Schumacher: “Facilitation of weed seed predation by living mulch and cover crops.

Benjamin Klauk: “Experiences in electrophysical vegetation control as substitution for non-selective herbicide-application.”

Barbara Baraibar: “Managing inactive weed propagules – key technologies in sustainable weed management.

Alicia Rouge: “Carry over effects of cover crop mixtures and management practices on subsequent crops and weeds in no-till.

Watch on Youtube

We apologize for the sometimes bad or missing audio.

2nd Session 1st day: 20th June 2022

Weed Crop Interaction 1

Chair: Stéphane Cordeau and Barbara Baraibar

Tuvia Yaacoby: The competitiveness of the invasive weed Parthenium hysterophorus with field tomato (Lycopersicum esculentus) in Israel.”
Mehmet Nedim Dogan: Competition of Amaranthus palmeri S. Watson with corn and cotton at two different germination times.
Stéphane Cordeau: Deciphering field-based evidences for crop allelopathy in weed regulation.
Alessandra Virili: Increased weed diversity mitigates weed competition with Romaine lettuce (Lactuca sativa L., var. Romana).”
Aude Ripoche: Rotational diversification and fertilization together explain the impacts of tropical weeds on rice yields through changes in plant
communities and biomass.”  

3rd session 1st day: 20th June 2022

Weed Genomics and Population genetics

Chair: Maor Matzrafi and Dana MacGregor

Dana MacGregor: ”Bringing Agricultural Weeds into the Molecular Lab.” KEYNOTE

Roland Beffa: “Weed Genomic contribution to unravel herbicide detoxification pathways. A review.”

David Comont: ”Blackgrass genome sequencing reveals complex patterns of evolved non-target site herbicide resistance.”

Esra Cignitas: “Molecular Identification of Phelipanche species from the western Mediterranean region of Türkiye.”


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