EWRS Working Group:

Weed Vegetation and Biodiversity

WG Leader

Matthias Schumacher

University of Hohenheim

Department of Weed Science, Stuttgart, Germany

Matthias Schumacher

Where do you work?

I work at the University of Hohenheim (Germany), Department of Weed Science.

What is your main task?

I do research and teaching on the topics biological weed control and weed biodiversity

What is your main interest in weed research?

I like to investigate and understand the effects of farming operations on weed diversity, the weed community composition and the occurrence of rare arable weed species. Additionally, I’m interested in examining the influence of different farming operations on the consumption of weed seeds by invertebratess.

Which activities do you plan to promote to reach the objectives of the Working Group?

I will support activities aimed at conducting common experiments on various topics according to shared protocols (seed predation, ecosystem services), collaboration for journal articles, organizing regular workshops, increasing the impact of the WG by learning about communication aspects (farmers, policy makers, scientists).

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