EWRS Working Group:

Invasive Alien Plants

WG Meetings

Short Working Group meeting during 19th EWRS Symposium, Athens, Greece: Meeting minutes. 

Working Group Workshop 'Our path after Covid-19'; 23-24 September 2021, Palić, Serbia: Proceedings.

Short video on the workshop and the Working Group:


5th International Symposium 'Weeds and Invasive Plants'; 10-14 October 2017, Chios, Greece: Proceedings

4th International Symposium on "Weeds and Invasive Plants" in collaboration with SupAgro, 19 - 23 May 2014 - Montpellier, France: Report and Abstracts

3rd International Symposium on "Environmental Weeds and Invasive Plants" - 2 - 7 October 2011 - Ascona, Switzerland: Report and Abstracts