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We are an international organization which promotes and co-ordinates scientific research into all aspects of weed science. We are open to everyone who has an interest in weed research and related topics. Our members come from official, commercial, university and independent research organizations: all have a particular interest in the many different aspects of weed science and its technology.

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Workshop Physical and Cultural Weed Control

Wageningen, The Netherlands

We asked some participants of the Workshop Physical and Cultural Weed Control what they thought of the event... check it out!

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The Weed Research Journal

Weed Research is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes topical and innovative papers on all aspects of weeds, defined as plants that impact adversely on economic, aesthetic or environmental aspects of any system. Topics include: Weed biology and control, Herbicides, Invasive plant species in all environments, Population and spatial biology, Modelling, Genetics, Diversity and Parasites. The journal welcomes submissions on work carried out in any part of the world. In addition to research papers, the journal seeks review articles and shorter insights papers covering personal views, new methods and breaking news in weed science.

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Although the Society is driven by researchers from public institutions and private companies, the EWRS is aware of the key role it should play in connecting researchers to the farming community.



Are you a researcher interested in weeds, defined as plants that impact adversely on economic, aesthetic or environmental aspects of any system? The EWRS offers a wonderful international network of weed scientists from Europe and all over the world.


Policy Makers

Weed management strategies are not only a technical solution for a problem that creates economic damage to farmers. The research direction we take is strongly determined by the policies put in place by policy makers at all levels.

Message from the President

Dr. Maurizio Vurro

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