For Policy makers

Weed management strategies are not only a technical solution for a problem that creates economic damage to farmers. The research direction we take is strongly determined by the policies put in place by policy makers at all levels. Many policies are stimulated by societal demands.

Recently, EU citizens have strongly supported policies aimed at the reduction of pesticide use. Citizens want healthy food and they want to avoid environmental pollution caused by agrochemicals. Although these goals are defendable, from the practical point of view, serious problems may be created that may even threaten food production, if the research community is not able to provide satisfactory alternatives to agrochemical use. For this reason, a close collaboration between policy makers and weed scientists is needed. The EWRS aims to provide a platform for information exchange and dialogue between policy makers and weed scientist in order to provide solutions to farmers that are acceptable for both farmers and citizens. During one of the EWRS Workshops, a small group of researchers prepared a poster analysing the gaps in research related to decision making on the balance between healthy soils with weeds and crop production.