How to order Printing on demand (PoD) WR issues

Weed Research is publishing in online-only format effective with the 2021 volume and EWRS members have free access.

If you are nevertheless interested in ordering paper copies of current or past Weed Research issues or in having an annual subscription for printed copies, please find all instructions here.

Orders for Weed Research can be placed online by visiting

On that page, EWRS members can select whether they are ordering single copies or a subscription. For all EWRS members who have no outstanding invoices, there is a member discount available for a one-year full volume subscription. The discount does not apply to orders for single copies (one issue). The member discount code can be requested at and is updated each year (i.e. the 2021 code won’t work for 2022 subscriptions). Members can apply it once they have the subscription in their card and they go to check out. You can download the detailed ordering instructions from Wiley HERE

Please find listed the current pricing information below.  One-year-subscription can be activated until 31st January of the following year (Subscription for 2021 closes on 31st January 2022).

2021 Subscription Pricing:

  • USA: $2,104.33 USD (with member discount: $210.44 USD)
  • UK: $1,450.88 USD (with member discount: $145.09 USD)
  • Europe: $1,648.60 USD (with member discount: $164.86 USD)
  • ROW: $2,477.94 USD (with member discount: $247.80 USD)

2022 Subscription Pricing:

  • USA: $2,168.18 USD (with member discount: $216.82 USD)
  • UK: $1,649.64 USD (with member discount: $164.96 USD)
  • Europe: $1,803.64 USD (with member discount: $180.36 USD)
  • ROW: $2,552.86 USD (with member discount: $255.29 USD)

Single-Copy Sale Pricing:

  • USA: $433.88 USD per copy/issue
  • UK: $330.18 USD per copy/issue
  • Europe: $361.39 USD per copy/issue
  • ROW: $511.24 USD per copy/issue

There are different payment options (some with extra fees), please find all necessary information HERE.

Direct links:
Single-Copy Sales:

For any further information, please contact the EWRS Communication Team.