19th EWRS Symposium 2022, Athens, Greece

“Lighting the Future of Weed Science”

Athens, Greece,

postponed to 20 - 23 June 2022

The First Circular is available.

Symposium wesbite:

The theme of the Symposium is more timely than ever. There is an urgent need to shape the future of Weed Science aimed at addressing the major challenges for sustainable weed management: the need to reduce reliance on chemical control; the decrease in available active ingredients; the lack of cost-effective and safe alternatives to herbicides; the environmental protection and human safety goals and a sharp rise of the world population.  

Lighting the trends in Weed Science in areas such as weed biology/ecology, management of herbicide resistance, precision weed/herbicide technologies, biological control, innovative cropping systems, and biotechnology discoveries is a commitment of the EWRS. The 19th EWRS Symposium will enhance this commitment thanks to the participation of renowned scientists from around the globe.  The Symposium organizers invite weed scientists from academia, research, public/private sector, and industry to actively participate and make the best of this unique opportunity to meet colleagues from all over the world. 

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we will make every effort to provide an excellent environment for a stimulating and enjoyable scientific congress. The program will provide valuable information and networking opportunities for attendees with an interest in any basic or applied aspect related to weed science. All information can be found at the Symposium website:

We hope to see you all, in Athens.

Chair of the Local Committee
Dr. Demosthenis Chachalis