EWRS Working Group:

Sustainable Use of Herbicides

WG Leader

Dimosthenis Chachalis

BENAKI Phytopathological Institute


Dimosthenis Chachalis

Where do you work?

Weed Science Laboratory, Benaki Phytopathological lnstitute (BPI), Athens, Greece (www.bpi.gr)

What is your main task?

Head of the Weed Science Laboratory in BPI

What is your main interest in weed research?

My main research fields are weed biology, herbicide resistance and development/implementation of Integrated Weed Management systems. 

Which activities do you plan to promote to reach the objectives of the Working Group?

Regular workshops (often in collaboration with other WGs) with interested parties (industry, research, advisors, farmers) and reports/media events highlighting the WG activities.   

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