EWRS Working Group:

Sustainable Use of Herbicides


The objective of the WG is to promote research and exchange of information on the optimum use of herbicides in Integrated Weed Management programmes.

Since 2022 this WG comprises the former WGs 'Optimizing herbicide use in an IWM context' and 'Herbicide tolerant varieties'.

Since 2014, European farmers have been obliged to adopt integrated approaches controlling weeds. The fact that the number of herbicides available on the European market is continuously decreasing and herbicide resistance is an increasing problem in most countries has accentuated the need to shift from an almost entirely herbicide-based approach to an integrated approach. Nonetheless, herbicide still plays an important role in weed management but the focus is now on how herbicides should be used in Integrated Weed Management programmes where herbicides are just one of several tools to be applied by the farmer.