This December General Assembly and elections

16th of November 2023  All EWRS members are called to elect a new Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary, and to participate in the GA on December 11th Read more »

Obituary Dr. Marco Quadranti

8th of August 2023  The EWRS shares an Obituary on the former EWRS president Dr. Marco Quadranti. Read more »

Former EWRS president Marco Quadranti passed away

27th of July 2023  From our ex president Paolo Bàrberi we got to know that Marco Quadranti, former EWRS president from 2006 to 2007, has passed away. Read more »

EWRS and HRAC Training course: “Confirming and characterizing herbicide resistance”

13th of June 2023  Participate in a pre-congress workshop on herbicide resistance before the APWSC 2023 in Phuket (Thailand) - November 26th 2023  Read more »

Call for bids for the 10th International Weed Science Conference

4th of May 2023  The deadline for submitting bids is December 1st, 2023. Read more »

The first organizational meeting for the next EWRS Symposium 2025 in Leida, Spain

7th of March 2023  20th EWRS Symposium 2025: The first meeting with the EWRS organizational team for the next ERWS Symposium in Leida, Spain, has been held in February 2023 Read more »

Weed Research Editor's Choice - Free Access papers

16th of November 2022  The Editor's Choice in the currect issue of Weed Research 62:4 has been published online! Read more to have Free Access for two months. Read more »