EWRS Working Group:

Physical and Cultural Weed Control


What is physical weed control? 

It includes the following weed control techniques: Mechanical weed control, soil tillage, thermal weed control, mulching, preventive and cultural methods, solarization and electromagnetic weed control. 

Which disciplines? 

Although not exhaustive, it encompasses the following disciplines: Weed science, Soil science, Engineering Economics, Crop husbandry and other plant related disciplines. 

Objectives of our working group: 

  • Encouraging the international collaboration and support of research in physical weed control and its application in sustainable agriculture; 
  • Inform group members about newly emerging possibilities for physical weed control, industrial expertise, possibilities for cooperation and potential sources for financial support; 
  • Initiate joint-projects and research programs on the European scale to promote the integration of physical weed control into existing crop protection strategies; 
  • Establishing and maintaining contacts with physical weed control groups outside Europe; 
  • Reviewing the knowledge on physical weed control to clarify research needs;
  • Promotion of physical weed control methods in Europe;
  • Investigation of combined use of physical, cultural and chemical control methods within a production system;
  • Organizing biennial meetings and workshops.