EWRS Working Group:

Education and training

WG Leader

Lena Ulber

Julius Kuehn-Institut (JKI)

Institute for Crop Protection in Field Crops and Grassland (Institute A), Braunschweig, Germany

Lena Ulber

Where do you work?

I am a weed scientist at the JKI (Julius Kühn-Institut, Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants) where I work in the Institute for Plant Protection in Field Crops and Grassland in Braunschweig, Germany.

What is your main task?

My main tasks involve research on herbicide resistance identification, monitoring and management and policy support including evaluation of the resistance risk of herbicides.

What is your main interest in weed research?

My main research field nowadays is herbicide resistance where I am especially interested in non-chemical management strategies and social and economic barriers to the adoption of these strategies. I have also been working on arable weed diversity.

Which activities do you plan to promote to reach the objectives of the Working Group?

We are planning regular workshop in conjuction with different conferences (especiallythe EWRS symposia) and annual trainign courses covering different topics.

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