EWRS Working Group:

Biological Control


The objectives of the working group are:

  • Promote biological control as an environmentally safe method of weed control and as part of an integrated weed management strategy;
  • Support the harmonization of regulatory processes for classical biological control releases and registration of biocontrol products at a European level;
  • Engage with the “One Health” concept, the “EU Green Deal” and other European initiatives concerning invasive plant species and biological control;
  • Collaborate with other EWRS working groups (e.g. Invasive Alien Plants; Crop-Weed Interactions; Sustainable Use of Herbicides) through joint meetings etc.;
  • Provide a platform for group members to collaborate on all aspects of biological weed control (classical, inundative/augmentative and conservation), including also novel strategies such as the use of plant based products;
  • Encourage collaboration and exchange between researchers, practitioners and private industry representatives concerning research and implementation of biological control;
  • Facilitate international collaboration with researchers and stakeholders in the field of biological control;
  • Identify research and application needs in the field of biological control and support joint project applications to address these;
  • Organize biennial meetings and workshops; 
  • Encourage submission and dissemination of high quality manuscripts for the society journal “Weed Research".