The first organizational meeting for the next EWRS Symposium 2025 in Leida, Spain

As already announced, the 20th EWRS Symposium will be organized in Lleida (Spain) in early summer 2025.   
On February 15th, 2023 a small EWRS delegation, composed of Josef Soukup (President), Husrev Mennan (Secretary), and Maurizio Vurro (vice president) had a meeting in Lleida with the local committee in charge of organizing the symposium, composed by Jordi Recasens, University of Lleida, and his team (Marta Perramon, Sara Bastien, Barbara Baraibar, Aritz Royo Esnal, Joel Torra, and Josemaria Montull).
The aim of the meeting was to visit the possible locations and check their suitability to host the Symposium, and to discuss with the local organizers the way to proceed, in order to guarantee the perfect organization of the event. 
On the 15th, in the morning, the local organizers showed in person two possible venues for the conference, both very nice, centrally located, and easily reachable. In the afternoon, at the University, the group discussed the schedule organization, the logistic (capacity of the venues, rooms for the different events, etc.), accommodation for the participants, program organization, speakers, sponsors, handling of abstracts and oral presentations, communication, support for students, and any other question related to the organization of the symposium.
The city of Lleida is relatively small, with a nice walkable city center, dominated by the hill with an old cathedral. The atmosphere is very enjoyable. It is well connected with Barcelona by train, both to the center and the airport. It can be easily reached also by car.  
Considering the enthusiasm and the skill of the local organizers, and the characteristics of the location, there are all the conditions to organize a very attractive and successful 20th EWRS Symposium.
Further information about the Symposium will be timely posted on the EWRS website and on a dedicated website, and circulated through mailing lists and social media