EWRS Student Award for oral and poster presentations - the winners

During the 19th EWRS Symposium in Athens, a team of EWRS SciCom members examined all oral and poster presentations given by students.

In total, 32 oral and 16 poster presentations were evaluated regarding content, layout and additional criteria such as enthusiasm, voice, audience contact and ability to respond to questions for oral presentations.

The EWRS is proud to announce the winners:

Best oral presentations

  1. Solèmne Skorupinski 
  2. Georgia Nikolakopoulou
  3. Okan Güzel  and 3. Danielle Vaknin

Best poster presentations

  1. Alicia Rouge
  2. Jovana Krstic
  3. Alfredo Manicardi


In the BLOG section of our website you can find a short presentation of our young award winners and find out how they experienced the 19th EWRS Symposium.