Job position - full professor in crop production ecology with specialization in weed ecology and management

Professor in crop production ecology with specialization in weed ecology and management

Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences
Department of Crop Production Ecology

Deadline for applications: 8 November 2020

SLU is recruiting a professor who shares our aspirations to be world leading within the area of weed ecology and management. We are looking for a person with an ecological approach who will work towards solving the applied problems that weedy plants pose in agricultural ecosystems. For this, we welcome applicants with an interest in engaging in trans- and inter-disciplinary research. New EU regulations to ban certain herbicides make sustainable weed management a matter of urgency for Nordic and European agriculture. 

This fully funded professorship will be positioned at the Department of Crop Production Ecology, which together with the Department of Ecology, constitutes the SLU Ecology Centre. The professor will bring key competences to this vibrant research environment of integrated agronomic and ecological expertise, and will play an important role in achieving the long-term goals of the Swedish National Food Strategy and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. 

The professor will have access to the infrastructures of SLU’s long-term field trials and experimental field stations. In addition, the SLU cross-faculty coordinated actions in the areas of cropping systems, plant protection, breeding and future food provide vigorous multi- and inter-disciplinary research possibilities in natural and social sciences. SLU also hosts the national environmental monitoring program of
herbicides in the environment. Research and education at the Ecology Centre focuses on crop production for food, animal feed, biomass and energy and its interaction
with the environment. We explore how environmental conditions, ecological interactions and cropping-system design influence not only yields and other ecosystem services, but product quality as well. The SLU Ecology Centre is a Nordic and European hub for sustainable agriculture, and plant protection, nature conservation, wildlife management, honeybee health and forestry, including short rotation forestry.

Subject area
The subject area is weed management, grounded on ecological theory with focus on a system perspective to address challenges in agriculture. Management of weeds includes integrated pest management (IPM) to ensure long-term sustainable  production.

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