Meeting of the EWRS Working Group 'Germination and Early Growth'

We invite you to the EWRS Working Group meeting on Germination & Early Growth to be held in Perugia, Italy on 26-28 May 2020. The scope of the working group includes all processes involved during the transition from seeds to seedlings, and from buds (on creeping roots, rhizomes, stolons etc.) to vegetative shoots, in the life cycle of weeds. The scope has recently been expanded to include vegetative means of reproduction. Germination (sprouting) and early growth are important processes of weeds emerging from seeds and from buds on vegetative plant organs, and knowledge of these processes is important for understanding weed population dynamics and may aid in weed control timing and decisions.

The aim of the meeting is to bring together researchers with interest in this topic to exchange and discuss their experiences and findings with other colleagues.

If you are interested to know more about this meeting or abou our Working Group, please visit the webpage of the WG Germination and Early Growth