Workshop 'Robotic weeding in Sugar Beet'

Joint Summer School of ELLS and EWRS

University of Hohenheim, Germany, 10th to 14th of June 2024

Participants should hold a bachelor or master degree, have a strong interest in and knowledge about precision farming and crop protection and know the basics about machine learning.

Robotic weeding in sugar beet

University of Hohenheim, Germany, 10th - 14th June 2024

Summer school and workshop

The background of this workshop is to combine basic principles of Artificial Intelligence, sensor- and application technologies in plant protection with practical applications in robotic weeding in fields with sugar beet. The summer school is combined with a meeting of the EWRS working groups on “Precision weed management” and “Physical and Cultural Weed Control”, therefore facilitating knowledge exchange between experienced researchers, master and PhD students.

Please visit the website to register. Deadline for application: 6th May 2024.

Download the poster HERE.