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III Argentine Congress of Weeds (ASACIM)

9 & 10 June 2021

Santa Fe, Argentina, 9th to 10th of June 2021

Malezas - Weeds 2021


The Argentine Association of Weed Science (ASACIM), invites researchers, teachers, technicians, students, entrepreneurs and agricultural producers from Argentina, Latin America and the world, interested in weed-related issues, to participate in: 

Malezas - Weeds 2021  

III Argentine Congress of Weeds (ASACIM) 

"Science, production and society: towards sustainable management" 

June 9 and 10, 2021 - City Center Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina 

This will be the main scientific-technological event of the year of Weed Science in Argentina. In it you can meet and discuss the latest contributions related to the subject, as well as exchange experiences with international known specialists. 

In a scenario where herbicide resistant weed species and the infested area is increasing, as well as the risks of environmental pollution and loss of biodiversity, it is necessary to generate and disseminate knowledge that guides the design of management strategies for decision making. In the framework of the processes of transformation of the agricultural systems of the region, the generation and transfer of knowledge are key to the application of good agricultural practices. 

In this context, Malezas 2021 seeks, on the one hand, to present and analyze the current state of scientific knowledge and technological advances to face the main problems detected in the production systems of Argentina and other regions of the world and, on the other hand, to facilitate interaction between academics, technicians, consultants and producers to find solutions to the problems that concern the sector. 

The different topics will be dealt with in plenary conferences and round tables in which local and international renowned specialists will participate, as well as the research work will be presented either orally or in posters. The congress's topics will be: i) Resistance and herbicide management, ii) Integrated weed management, iii) Cover crops, iv) Herbicides and environment, v) Weed biology and ecology, vi) Toxicology and vii) Technology and social demands. 

Suppliers of inputs, equipment and services in the sector will also be present at the congress with the latest technological innovations related to weed management. 

In summary, this meeting will be a space for the exchange and interaction of knowledge and technology that provides useful tools to improve agricultural productivity in the region in a sustainable way. 

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