EWRS webinar series 2021 Part 1: The future of Weed Science in Europe

Presentations by Prof. Paolo Barberi, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies Pisa, Italy and Dr. Hansjoerg Kraehmer, Germany

online webinar 14:00 - 15:30 CET, 25th of February 2021

EWRS webinar series 2021

This year, a group of EWRS members got together to develop a webinar series covering a wide range of innovative topics that are of interest to everyone involved in weed science and management. Join our webinars to follow a stimulating discussion about the latest research tools and management practices for sustainable weed management. You can download the full programme HERE.

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On the 25th of February, Prof. Paolo Bàrberi and Dr. Hansjörg Krähmer will present reflections on "Weed Science in a changing world: perspectives for academic research and curricula" and "Emerging challenges and opportunities for weed science in the EU".


Prof. Paolo Barberi - Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, Italy

Weed Science in a changing world: perspectives for academic research and curricula.

Short CV

Paolo Bàrberi is Professor in Agronomy and Field Crops at the Institute of Life Sciences, Sant’Anna School of Advances Studies in Pisa (SSSA), where he leads the Agroecology Research Group. His research is focused on Functional Agrobiodiversity, Weed Ecology and Integrated Weed Management, and the design of agroecological low-input and organic cropping/farming systems. He collaborates with the FAO, the European Commission, and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). He has served as Scientific Secretary, Vice-President, President and Past-President of the EWRS from 2002 to 2015. He is Vice-President and co-founder of Agroecology Europe as well as Board member and co-founder of the Italian Association of Agroecology (AIDA). Further information and list of publications: www.santannapisa.it/en/personale/paolo-barberi; www.researchgate.net/profile/Paolo_Barberi2 


More than ever before, the present pandemics is highlighting the fact that we are living in an interconnected world, where both positive and negative dynamics are accelerated. This calls for the importance of a system approach to sustainable economy and agriculture, which is clearly advocated by the EU Green Deal and the related strategies. How is this going to affect European agriculture? What will be the place of weed management and weed science in such new perspective? Can we envisage a radically new approach to weed research and teaching in academic curricula? The webinar will highlight the challenges and opportunities for weed science of emerging paradigms aimed to foster sustainability. 

14:45 -15:30 

Dr. Hansjörg Krähmer – Bayer AG, Germany

Challenges and Opportunities for Weed Science in the EU. 

Short CV 

  • PhD degree in Biology, Chemistry and Physics 
  • 40 years in Herbicide and Plant Growth Regulator Research 
  • 2 years in Market Development, Wilmington DE;
  • 2 years in Marketing: Liberty in corn 
  • Former EWRS and WPG board member 
  • More than 50 publications, 3 books, several book chapters and more than 30 patents 
  • Presently consultant for several institutions 


  • May presentation will be structured along the following agenda: 
  • What makes weeds interesting? 
  • Weed control as an essential tool of crop production 
  • Why is agriculture so efficient today? 
  • Long-term global and regional trends 
  • Which factors play a major role in weed infestation? 
  • Chemical weed control research 
  • Outlook and perspectives