EWRS Workshop "Sustainable use of herbicides and novel weeding solutions in cropping systems"

3-days-Workshop of the EWRS WG "Sustainable use of herbicides"

Belgrade, Serbia, 13th to 15th of May 2024

Abstract submission open until 30th March 2024.

EWRS Workshop

“Sustainable use of herbicides and novel weeding solutions in cropping systems”

3-days-Workshop of the EWRS WGs "Sustainable use of herbicides”

Belgrade, Serbia,  13th to 15th of May 2024

The workshop is aiming to address the challenges of sustainable EU strategies: Green Deal, Farm to Fork, and Sustainable Use of pesticides Regulation (SUR) to crop cultivation and protection systems with the aim to support quality food production. The scope of the workshop is to exchange current research results and knowledge related to the sustainable use of herbicides, utilization of IWM systems that reduce the amounts and risks of herbicides in European cropping systems.


The workshop will be divided in 5 parts:

An introduction on the sustainable use of herbicides in conventionally and ecologically grown crops (Keynote speaker).

  1. A series of presentations selected from the participants’ abstracts.
  2. A sessions of posters selected from the participants’ abstracts.
  3. A discussions by groups on selected topics.
  4. A conclusion discussion aiming to select the frame to write a review article which will be submitted to Weed Research.
  5. A half day visit to experimental field with the overview of herbicides effects in Maize Research Institute Zemun Polje, Belgrade.

The major topics 

  • Integrated Weed Management (IWM) systems 
  • Herbicide tolerant crop systems
  • Sustainable use of herbicides by integrating non-chemical methods with herbicides
  • Solutions for reduction of amounts and risks of herbicides
  • Smart & digital solutions for sustainable use of herbicides

Invited lecturer

Kateřina Hamouzová, Miroslav Jursík, and Josef Soukup: 
"Sustainable use of ALS- and ACCace-inhibiting herbicides in Europe"
Monday 13th May, 9.00 am


Date of the workshop 

13th of May – 15th of May 2024



The course will take place at the hotel Falkensteiner, Belgrade, Serbia (www.belgrade.falkensteiner.com ). The hotel is located 15 km from Belgrade airport and can be easily reached with a 20-minute drive by taxi. 


Course Organizers

Dr. Demosthenis Chachalis (Benaki Phytopathological Institute , Greece)

Dr. Milena Simić (Maize Research Institute Zemun Polje, Serbia)

Dr. Milan Brankov (Maize Research Institute Zemun Polje, Serbia)


Local Coordinator

Dr. Milena Simić

Maize Research Institute Zemun Polje

55139 BELGRADE, Serbia

E-mail: smilena@mrizp.rs 



Accommodation is offered in the Falkensteiner Hotel (www.belgrade.falkensteiner.com) and Putnik In Hotel (www.putnik.com) Belgrade. The information and instruction for accommodation are available in the attached forms.

Please find here the Reservation forms for Falkensteiner and Putnik In Hotel for download.

Fees and costs

The workshop fee is 70 euros. The planned number of attendees is up to 50.  

A number (4) of postgraduate students and early-stage career scientists (i.e. Master/PhD-students and scientists younger than 35 years of age) that are giving a presentation (oral or poster) at the workshop can receive a refund that will cover part of their accommodation and travel expenses. Travel grants can be applied by sending an e-mail to Demosthenis Chachalis (dchachalis@hotmail.com) and Milena Simić (smilena@mrizp.rs) not later than 15th February 2024. Please make sure to get a confirmation email your application.

The maximum reimbursement of travel costs cannot exceed 450 Euros. For non-members of EWRS, an amount equal to the yearly EWRS fee (€30 for students and €60 for regular members) will be deducted from the subsidy, and the applicant will be enrolled in EWRS for a year.

Applications for the travel grant need to include in their e-mail:

  • A short motivation letter (limited to one page).
  • A brief curriculum vitae (limited to one page).
  • An estimate of the costs for travel and accommodation.
  • A statement from the home institute/supervisor that they will cover the remainder of the expenses for travel and accommodation, should the travel grant be awarded.

Successful applicants will be informed about the allocation of subsidy by the organizers in due time. The EWRS does not provide the subsidy in advance. Travel expenses will be reimbursed to subsidiaries by bank transfer after active participation in the workshop. Details on reimbursements and declaration forms will be provided later on by the EWRS Treasurer. 


Please send your registration information by e-mail to Milan Brankov (mbrankov@mrizp.rs) and Vesna Dragičević (vdragicevic@mrizp.rs ), until 1st March 2024, including the application form and the abstract form. The abstract is limited to max. 300 words. Participants applying for the travel grants should also attach the above-mentioned documents.

Download application form (Application form)

Download Abstract Submission form (Abstract submission form.docx)

Download ANNOUNCEMENT (EWRS Workshop Belgrade 2nd announcement.docx)


Download here the FINAL PROGRAM - NEW version from 7th May 2024