EWRS Workshop 'Integrated Weed Management (IWM) systems in the agroecology context; new challenges'

Meeting of the WG 'Sustainable Use of Herbicides'

Cambridge, UK, 24th to 26th of May 2023

First physical WG meeting after the pandemic - join us in Cambridge


Integrated Weed Management (IWM) systems in the agroecology context; new challenges. 
NIAB, Cambridge, UK
24th to 26th of May 2023

The aim of this 3-day workshop meeting is to exchange current research results and knowledge related to the sustainable use of herbicides, utilization of IWM systems and agroecology practices that reduce the amounts and risks of herbicides in European cropping systems. The scope of the workshop is in direct relation to the Farm to Fork EU strategy, the objectives of the Green Deal and the latest Sustainable Use of pesticides Regulation (SUR). Strong input & participation from the industry is welcome.
A good number of postgraduate students and early-stage career scientists (i.e. Master/PhD-students and scientists younger than 35 years of age) that are giving a presentation (oral or poster) at the workshop can receive a refund that will cover part of their accommodation and travel expenses.
The meeting will include a field trip to visualize the latest developments in the sustainable use of herbicides.

The major topics are: 
  • Biology & ecology of weeds related to management practices;
  • Cultivation novelties (rotations, tillage, cover crops, mulching and intercropping);
  • Non-chemical tools (flaming, mechanical weeding, biocontrol agents, seed treatments, weed competitive crops); 
  • Smart & digital solutions to minimize use and risk (DSS, robotics, spraying systems, UAVs)


  • Local organizers: William Smith, NIAB (will.smith@niab.com); Lynn Tatnell, ADAS (lynn.tatnell@adas.co.uk) 
  • Leader of the EWRS Working Group: Demosthenis Chachalis (d.chachalis@bpi.gr); Deputy Leader: Milena Simic (smilena@mrizp.rs) 
  • https://ewrs.org/en/Working-Groups/Sustainable-Use-of-Herbicides/About 


Please download HERE the detailed programme

TUESDAY MAY 23, 2023: Free night, city centre gathering of participants (to be communicated)

DAY 1 – WEDNESDAY MAY 24, 2023

8.30-12.00          Scientific Programme

12.00–13.30      Lunch Break

13.30–16.50       Focus group discussion: Thematology is about IWM systems in agroecology context; scope is a joint review paper to be submitted in the Weed Research Journal by the working group active members

DAY 2 – THURSDAY MAY 25, 2023

8.40–12.00         Scientific Programme

12.00                   Lunch boxes (baguette, water, fruit)

12.00–17.00      Field trip – NIAB Research Field Station

19.00                   Group Dinner: Trinity College, Cambridge  

DAY 3 – FRIDAY MAY 26, 2023

9.00-12.00          Scientific Programme

12.00-13.30       Lunch break

13.30–14.00      Wrap up, closing session  


The meeting will take place in the National Institute of Agriculture Botany, 93 Lawrence Weaver Road, Cambridge, CB3 0LE, UK. 



  EWRS member non-member
Regular 90 150
Student (MSc-PhD) 70 100


* The difference in fees between members and non-members is the cost of a yearly membership to the EWRS. 
The registration fee will cover the costs for the welcome reception, lunches, coffee breaks and dinner on Thursday evening as well as the excursion on Thursday. The registration fee won’t cover accommodation and travel expenses.


To encourage early career scientists to attend the meeting, subsidies are being made available through the EWRS. They can be applied for by sending an e-mail to: d.chachalis@bpi.gr. 
Early career scientists (i.e. Master students, PhD-students and scientists younger than 35 years of age) that are giving a presentation (oral or poster) at the workshop can receive a refund that will cover part of their accommodation and travel expenses. The maximum amount of the refund will be based on the number of applicants, but cannot exceed €500. If the applicant is not a EWRS-member, an amount equal to the yearly EWRS fee (€30 for students and €60 for regular members) will be deducted from the subsidy, and the applicant will be enrolled in EWRS. 
A limited number of subsidies to students and early career scientists will be awarded.  Applications will be evaluated by the Working Group coordinator (Demosthenis Chachalis) and the Scientific Secretary of the EWRS (Hüsrev Mennan). 
Applications need to include: 
  • A short motivation letter 
  • A curriculum vitae 
  • An estimate of the costs for travel and accommodation 
  • A statement from the home institute that they will cover the remainder of the expenses for travel and accommodation, should the travel grant be awarded.


Please note. some deadlines have been exended

7 February, 2023   
Full title, abstract submission open via EWRS website.
25 April, 2023  
Deadline for full title submission. Deadline for student application for travel grants to d.chachalis@bpi.gr 
30 March, 2023 
Notification Letter of acceptance to participants
1 April, 2023 
Registration open via EWRS website 
10 May, 2023 
Deadline for abstract submission, registration and payment of the registration fees. 
10 May, 2023 
Second circular containing the scientific programme and an updated information
  • Abstract submission Template will be found online at https://ewrs.org/en/info/Events/EWRS-Workshop--39-Integrated-Weed-Management--IWM--systems-in-the-agroecology-context--new-challenges-39 ,  where you can also obtain the most recent information concerning the workshop.

If you run into any trouble, please do not hesitate to contact the Scientific organizers of the Working group. 

We look forward to meeting you in Cambridge, UK! 

Warm regards 

Demosthenis Chachalis
Milena Simic
William Smith
Lynn Tatenll