General Abstract Guidelines 

Abstracts for oral presentations, posters, and symposia must be submitted using the Abstract Submission system on the website ONLY.  A link is provided at the bottom of this page.

Please read following guidelines carefully before submitting!

In the case that electronic submission is not possible, please contact the EWRS at

  1. Title of presentation: Please choose a brief title (maximum of 100 characters) that clearly indicates the content of the contribution. Please avoid abbreviations in the title. Abbreviations may be used in the text if they are defined when first used.
  2. Principal author: Name, highest educational degree obtained, email and complete mailing address, cell and work telephone numbers, institution, business affiliation (department, school, agency, or company, etc.), city and state. In instances of multiple authorship, the person whose name is listed first is expected to deliver the presentation. You can indicate this by checking a box.
  3. Co-authors: their names, highest educational degree obtained, their institution/business information, country.
  4. Area of Interest: multiple Areas of Interest can be chosen. If your area in interest is not in the list you can enter one.
  5. Abstract: Please ensure that your abstract is text only and contains no more than 400 words. Diagrams, illustrations, tables, references or graphics are not allowed. Provide maximum relevant information in the abstract and if the subject matter is empirical, the following structure is obligatory: The objective, methods, results, conclusions.
  6. Tags: Please indicate 3 – 5 tags (keywords) for your abstract.

Congress presentation formats individuals

By providing a flexible way of submitting abstracts, we are inviting you to help compose the overall congress scientific programme. Papers may be submitted as individual presentations or as a part of a symposium:

Oral Presentations: 15-minute time slot
Papers submitted to the thematic areas will be grouped together by the thematic area chairperson into paper sessions allotted of 15 minutes including discussion.

Posters: size of the poster 200 cm (height) x 90 cm (width)
Poster sessions allow presenters and attendees to engage in extended personal discussions regarding presentations that is in paper/cloth or electronical format.

You can upload your contribution here 

NOTE: Participants who wish to submit an individual paper may choose between an oral presentation and poster. Both oral presentations and posters submitted and accepted by the Scientific Committee will be handled within the grouped by thematic sessions category topics and the best effort will be exercised to create groups of presentations related by their themes in order to promote networking among the presenters and their audience and in order to facilitate meaningful discussion. As the distinction between oral presentations and posters is only a matter of the presentation mode, submissions in both categories will be assessed by the same scientific criteria. The Scientific Committee will determine the final mode of presentation, also taking into account the quality of the proposals, their relationships, temporal and technical possibilities.