19th EWRS Symposium 2022

Lighting the Future of Weed Science

Athens, Greece, 20th to 23rd of June 2022

Abstract preparation and general instructions

If you are about to submit an abstract and you are an early career scientist, please look HERE for more information about EWRS subsidy opportunities.

The deadline for abstract submission has been extended until 16th January 2022. After that date only the submission of abstracts for poster contributions will be accepted.

Abstract text

  • In English;
  • Text should not exceed 400 words, including acknowledgements;
  • Figures, graphs, images, tables and diagrams cannot be included.


Title should be concise and informative.

Abstract content

Abstract should clearly state:

Background and objectives: state the rationale or hypothesis followed by objectives.
Methods: briefly discuss the design of the study/ program and how it was conducted.
Results: present the main results with appropriate statistics/ data analysis and pertinent discussion.
Conclusions: limit the conclusions to those that are directly supported by the results.

You should prepare one piece of text without headings, use no blank lines between paragraphs.

Presenting author's contact details

Please insert full first name and family name of all authors in the indicated fields. You can add as many fields as there are authors. Please check the box with the presenting author and the first author. This does not need to be the same person. The presenting author's name, institution, address, and e-mail address must be provided.

Author and co-authors' details

First name abbreviation and full family name(s).
Affiliation details: department, institution, city, state (if relevant), country  

Affiliation must follow this example e. g. Ondokuz Mayıs University, Faculty of Agriculture Department of Plant Protection, Samsun-Turkey

Draft abstracts and final abstract submission

The online submission system allows you save your abstract without submitting it. Therefore, you can make changes to your abstract until you send it to the editor. Once you get back your abstract with suggestions from the reviewer (Session Organiser), you will be allowed to modify the abstract again.

Text formatting

Please paste your abstract in plain text into the online form (do not use Microsoft Word formatting please!!) and provide basic formatting using the online text editor. The possibilities are: italic, bold, superscript and subscript.

Nomenclature and units

All biotica (crops, plants, insects, etc.) should be identified by their scientific names. Use italics for Latin names, do not underline. Use common names for crops. Common names for weeds may be indicated in parenthesis before the first mention of the Latin binomial. Use the international system of units (SI). If other units are mentioned, please give their equivalent in SI. Application of herbicides must be given with full details of techniques used to apply (e.g. type of equipment, type of nozzle, pressure, volume of spray, etc.) and of the amount of active ingredient applied per unit area.

Math formulae

Present simple formulae in the line of normal text where possible. In principle, variables are to be presented in italics. Subscripts and superscripts should be clear. Give the meaning of all symbols immediately after the equation in which they are first used. Levels of statistical significance which can be mentioned without further explanation are: *P <0.05, **P <0.01 and ***P <0.001

Click image to download sample submission form with comments, (JPEG 2 Mb).