SCICOM evolves 

The following decade saw a substantial increase in activities so only a few can be mentioned here. Modelling approaches became widespread and stimulated a cross MSA Workshop on models in Weed Science held in Wageningen in 1987. The Weed Control in Maize MSA introduced the 'Weed Tour' as an activity, in Austria in 1987, Bavaria in 1988 and Hungary in 1996. The Education and Training Group held its first training course in Zaragoza in 1990 organised in conjunction with CIHEAM. In 1994 the European Union funded a proposal on biological weed control which included many members of the Biological Control MSA, the first time a EWRS activity has attracted EU funding.

In addition to meetings organised within MSAs, there were Symposia in Stuttgart-Hohenheim in 1986 (Economic Weed Control), Wageningen in 1988 (Factors Affecting Herbicidal Activity and Selectivity), Helsinki, 1990 (Integrated Weed Management in Cereals), Braunschweig, 1993 (Quantitative approaches in Weed and Herbicide Research), Budapest, 1995 (Challenges in Weed Science in a Changing Europe), Poznan 1997, Basel 1999 and the Society organised jointly with IWSS, the 2nd International Weed Control Congress in Copenhagen in 1996.