Working Groups and Symposia

The Herbicide - Soil and Education Working Groups produced books with commercial publishers which generated income for the Society. The Aquatic Weeds Group followed the 4 EWRC symposia with others in Amsterdam in 1978 and Novi Sad in 1982. Similarly, the Mediterranean Weeds Working Group followed the 1966 and 1971 EWRC Symposia with one in Oeiras in 1984. There were also more general Symposia on Different Methods of Weed Control and Their Integration at Uppsala in 1977 and The Influence of Different Factors on the Development and Control of Weeds in Mainz in 1979. Symposia organised together with other bodies included the quadrennial Weed Biology, Ecology and Systematics with COLUMA and Influence of Environmental Factors on Herbicide Performance and Crop and Weed Biology with the Association of Applied Biologists and the Society of Chemical Industry at Oxford in 1983.