EWRS Working Group:

Weed Management Systems in Vegetables

WG Meetings

04 - 08 September 2011 - Huesca, Spain: Report 

23 - 26 June 2015 - Montpellier, France (EWRS Symposium)

13 -15 May 2019 - Oeiras, Portugal: Book of Abstracts



Collaborative papers from the WG

  • F. Tei, E. Pannacci, A. Cirujeda, A. Dobrzanski, R. J. Froud-Williams, F. Rocha, P. Ruuttunen, T. Sanseovic, A. Simoncic, M. Torma, R. van derWeide, A. Verschwele, C. Zaragoza, R. Neuweiler, 2005. Weeds and weed management in cabbages - a review. Proceedings 13th EWRS International Symposium, 19-23 June 2005, Bari, Italy. Abstract and Poster
  • F. Tei, A. Cirujeda, A. Dobrzański, R. J. Froud-Williams, H. Mennan, R. Neuweiler, E. Pannacci, J. Qasem, F. Rocha, A. Simončič, A. Verschwele, R. van der Weide, C. Zaragoza., 2007. Weeds and weed management in lettuce. Proceedings 14th International Symposium of EWRS, Hamar, Norway, 17-21 June 2007, 71, ISBN/ISSN 978-90-809789-2-8. Abstract and Poster
  • Tei F.,  Pannacci E., 2008. Integrated weed management systems in vegetables: current status and perspectives. Invited lecture at 5th International Weed Science Congress, Vancouver, Canada, 22-27 June 2008. Abstract
  • Pannacci E., Tei F., 2011. Integrated weed management systems in vegetables in the Mediterranean area. Proceedings of the Joint Workshop of the EWRS working groups Weed management in arid and semi-arid climate and Weed management systems in vegetables, 4-8 September 2011, Huesca, Spain, 17. Abstract and Presentation
  • Pannacci E., Aibar J., Cirujeda A., Dobrzański A., Pardo G., Portugal J., Tei F., 2015. Weeds and weed management in peppers. Proceedings 17th International Symposium of EWRS, Montpellier, France, 23-26 July 2015, 225. ISBN 978-2-905550-41-5. Abstract and Poster