EWRS Working Group:

Herbicide Tolerant Varieties


The EWRS Working Group Herbicide Tolerant (HT) Varieties was established in 2012 following a workshop at the University of Bingen, Germany. Herbicide tolerant varieties is for this WG defined as the umbrella description for varieties that become tolerant through mutagenesis, gene-editing techniqies as well as for varieties that are improved via genetic modification. The working group has a strong academic interest to increase understanding of Integrated/Diversified Weed Management and sustainable use of these new agronomic systems in Europe. Active outreach to different interested stakeholders (academics, students, agro-industry, authorities, private and public foundations, NGO’s and the broader public) is considered as one of the main targets of the EWRS and of the working groups.

The commercial introduction of the HT varieties in Europe goes hand in hand with periodically very polarized and emotional discussions. The members of this WG are committed to support a scientific sound and balanced evaluation of the agronomic impact that these HT varieties will/would cause. The studied impacts include weed management in the new varieties as well as in the overall crop rotation, advantages and/or disadvantages for rotational systems, watch outs and opportunities for HT varieties in specific agricultural systems, specific stewardship considerations, agronomic sustainability as well as economic aspects.