EWRS National Representatives
2012 - 2015

Below is the list of National Representatives.
The National Representatives of the different European countries provide the contact between the members in their countries and the Board to promote activities of the Society.

Some of the functions of the National Representatives are:

  1. To promote, co-ordinate and advise on the activities of the Society and to act as contacts between the Members in their countries and the Society.
  2. To keep in touch with the Board through the Secretariat, to report about any activities.
  3. To recruit new members interested to work and interact with the Society.
  4. To involve actively the national Members in the activities of the Society.
  5. To correspond new research ideas and trends.
  6. To ensure that the editor of the Newsletter is informed of all meetings in their countries and to prepare reports, if appropriate, about such meetings to be published in the Newsletter.

European countries with at least a certain number of Members eligible to vote, shall be entitled to have its own National Representative. The decisive number shall be determined by the General Assembly on proposal of the Board, and described in a Bye-Law.

Country Name E-mail
Belgium Benny de Cauwer benny.decauwer@ugent.be
Croatia Maja Scepanovic mscepanovic@agr.hr
Czech Republic Michaela Kolarova mkolarova@af.czu.cz
Denmark Jens Carl Streibig jcs@plen.ku.dk
Finland Terho Hyvonen terho.hyvonen@luke.fi
France Bruno Chauvel bruno.chauvel@dijon.inra.fr
Germany Lena Ulber lena.ulber@jki.bund.de
Greece Ilias Travlos htravlos@yahoo.gr
Hungary Sandor Nagy nagysan@chello.hu
Israel Baruch Rubin rubin@agri.huji.ac.il
Italy Donato Loddo donato.loddo@ibaf.cnr.it
Latvia Zane Mintale zane.mintale@laapc.lv
Lithuania Ona Auskalniene ona@lzi.lt
Netherlands Erwin Mol e.s.n.mol@minlnv.nl
Poland A Synowiec a.stoklosa@ur.krakow.pl
Serbia Dragana Bozic dbozic@agrif.bg.ac.rs
Spain Jordi Recasens jrecasens@hbj.udl.cat
Sweden Theo Verwijst Theo.Verwijst@vpe.slu.se
Switzerland Willy Rueegg willy_t.rueegg@syngenta.com
Turkey Ahmet Uludag ahuludag@yahoo.com
United Kingdom David Stock david.stock@syngenta.com