Weed resistance
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Weed resistance to herbicides concerns many sectors of the weed research and the agricultural communities: farmers, advisors, researchers and the agrochemical industry.
The fear exists that in an extreme case of resistance, farmers might lose a valuable chemical tool that had previously been essential for the effective control of yield-reducing weeds. However, experience has shown that resistance problems are manageable through the integrated use of available weed control technologies. This approach utilises both cultural methods as well as chemical methods to prevent further development of resistance. Management strategies must be devised which are effective, reliable, practical and economical and these strategies must then be communicated to the farmer. To help achieve these goals, the EWRS Weed Resistance Working Group fosters co-operation between the weed science community in industry, government and academic researchers but also with advisors and farmers.

Mission of the European Weed Resistance Group

We will facilitate the effective management of herbicide resistance by fostering understanding, co-operation and communication between industry, government, academic and farmers.

New announcement

Joint workshop of the EWRS "Physical and cultural weed control" working group and the "Weed Resistance" working group titled:
"Physical and cultural weed control tools and their influence on herbicide resistance evolution"

During this workshop we will have an excursion day with visit of field trials on physical and cultural weed control tools, and a visit to companies working in the field.
The second day will be dedicated to the discussion on the efficacy of physical and cultural weed control tools (crop rotation, cover crops, mechanical weeding, physical weeding), and their possible use in the context of herbicide resistance evolution and management will be discussed.

Date: 6-7 April 2020 - Welcome and arrival on April 5th
Venue: Lelystad, the Netherlands

Proposals for contributions are welcome and can be send to both Roland Beffa and Marleen Riemens, but we will send a call in due time.


29 – 30 November 2018

 Weed Resistance Working Group Workshop:
"Perspectives and Challenges of Weed Control and Weed Resistance to Herbicide in Europe"

Organizer: Prof. Hüsrev Mennan, Dr. Solvejg Mathiassen, and Dr. Roland Beffa
Venue: Concorde Hotels and Resorts, Kekeragzi Mah, Yasar Sobutay Bulv. N° 358/1 Aksu, Antalya, Turkey

Click on the link below to download the programme:
HR-WG Meeting Final programme.pdf
Click on the link below to download the Abstract booklet:
HR-WG-Workshop Abstract booklet.docx


The book of abstracts from the Summer School workshop entitled 'Integrated Weed Management: Principles and Implementation" are now available. Click on the link to download the book (BOOK OF ABSTRACTS_FINAL.pdf, 1.5 MB). The Summer school was organized by the EWRS Working Group on Optimization of Herbicide Use in an IWM Context, the EWRS Working Group on Herbicide Resistance, the Greek Weed Science Society and the American Farm School (AFS)/Perottis College.

Click on the link to see the report from the Summer School workshop. (INFO_EWRS_summer school_final.pdf, 1MB)

Click on the link to see the report on EWRS Regional Meeting titled: "Integrated Weed Management: Status and ongoing research in the Balkan region" (INFO_EWRS_regional meeting_final.pdf, 500 KB)


Chair: Roland Beffa

E-mail: Roland.beffa@bayer.com