Herbicide resistance
working group

Weed resistance to herbicides concerns many sectors of the weed research and the agricultural communities: farmers, advisors, researchers and the agrochemical industry.
The fear exists that in an extreme case of resistance, farmers might lose a valuable chemical tool that had previously been essential for the effective control of yield-reducing weeds. However, experience has shown that resistance problems are manageable through the integrated use of available weed control technologies. This approach utilises both cultural methods as well as chemical methods to prevent further development of resistance. Management strategies must be devised which are effective, reliable, practical and economical and these strategies must then be communicated to the farmer. To help achieve these goals, the EWRS Herbicide Resistance Working Group fosters co-operation between the weed science community in industry, government and academic researchers but also with advisors and farmers.

Mission of the European Herbicide Resistance Group

We will facilitate the effective management of herbicide resistance by fostering understanding, co-operation and communication between industry, government, academic and farmers.

Herbicide resistance in Europe: Challenges, opportunities and threats 

Venue: Frankfurt, Germany

New  The PowerPoint presentations of the Herbicide Resistance working group meeting that took place May 19th and 20th, 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany are now available. (http://www.ewrs.org/herbicide_resistance/programme.asp) New


Chair: Roland Beffa

E-mail: Roland.beffa@bayer.com